Vogue Candles 8-Candle Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles 8-Candle Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles 8-Candle Tabletop Collection

    Vogue Candles 8-Candle Tabletop Collection


      Experience the luxury and versatility of Vogue Candles' granules, where the possibilities of candle design are endless. Transform any vase or glass container, size or shape, into a stunning candle creation that complements your unique style while adding the element of sophistication to any space. Discover the art of candle customization as we guide you through the process of creating Vogue Candles that provide a “new candle” appeal after every use even though they emanate a real flame, offering an ambiance you won't find anywhere else.

      • 8 hand-blown Glass Vases

      • 2 Vases of each size: 5"D x 6"H, 8"H, 10"H, 12"H

      • One 55lb. Bag of Vogue Candles Granules

      • 500 Cotton Wicks

        This will allow you to have up to 60 hours (of this full setting being lit all at once) of candle-burning time (15 days of elegant, non-toxic, plant-based candlelight, 4 hours daily).

        Key Features:

        • How to Use Granules: With Vogue Candles you can take advantage of their unique high-quality loose granules to craft any elegant crystal or glass container into a candle. Simply pour Vogue Candles’ Granules into any vase, regardless of its size or shape, insert the wick or wicks, then light the wick(s), just like that, you have a one-of-a-kind candle. This flexibility empowers you to design candles that perfectly fit your chosen vessel and desired aesthetic, whether they’re simply being displayed or lit to set the mood. Remember, after every use, effortlessly remove the COOLED wick along with the used granules, replace the wick, and just like magic, you have a new candle again!
        • Wick Insertion: Creating your own Vogue Candle is simple and hassle-free. After pouring the loose granules into your selected vase, insert one of our high-quality wicks to enable a steady and mesmerizing flame. The wick ensures a clean burn and long-lasting enjoyment. One Vogue Candles’ wick can be burnt for up to 14 hours.
        • Versatile Display: Vogue Candles offer unparalleled versatility in terms of display. Here's how you can showcase your unique creations in any space.
        • Centerpiece: Transform your dining table or coffee table into a focal point with an exquisite Vogue Candles centerpiece. The interplay of light and shadow created by the flame will captivate your guests and elevate the ambiance of your gatherings.
        • Mantelpiece Decor: Adorn your mantel with a curated arrangement of Vogue Candles. Mix and match different sizes, colors, and shapes to create a visually striking display that exudes elegance and sophistication.
        • Outdoor Entertaining: Extend the luxurious atmosphere to your outdoor spaces. Whether it's a garden party or a cozy evening on the patio, place Vogue Candles along pathways, tables, or hanging lanterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
        • Real Flame Ambience: The allure of Vogue Candles lies in their ability to produce a real flame. Unlike electric or LED candles, our loose granules, once the wick is ignited, provide an authentic and captivating glow that adds an unmatched charm to any setting. The flickering flame creates an ambiance that evokes tranquility, romance, and a sense of relaxation. This is the only type of reusable candle that will provide such an appeal.
        • Custom Design Possibilities: Vogue Candles empower you to unleash your creativity and design candle staging exactly as you envision.
        • Adding Embellishments: Enhance the luxurious look of your Vogue Candles by embellishing them with decorative elements such as dried flowers, glitter, or elegant ribbons. Let your imagination soar and create truly one-of-a-kind designs.

        Vogue Candles invite you to explore the art of candle customization, where loose granules, combined with your creativity, become vessels of refined beauty and enchanting ambiance. Design and display your own luxurious Vogue Candles in any space, and let their real flame captivate your senses and elevate your surroundings. With Vogue Candles, the power to create the candle of your dreams is in your hands.


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