How it works


VOGUE CANDLES are New Generation Candles that do not require melting! Our super candles create stunning ambiance and have many amazing qualities: eco-friendly plant-based granules, residue-free, pure flame, and reusable.

VOGUE CANDLES gives you a Brand new candle with every wick for your long-lasting and safe enjoyment!


Step 1: Carefully fill 2/3 of the vase with granules, leaving 1” at the top of the vase. Please even the surface of the granules by carefully shaking the vase.

Step 2: Insert the wick in the center of the granules leaving 1/8” of the wick visible.

Step 3: The candle is ready! Light the wick and enjoy the magic!

The wick will burn approximately 14 hours. If you need to stop the flame earlier, just blow out the wick. If the wick is burnt all the way, it will simply go out by itself.

REUSABLE – when the candle is blown out, wait until the wick is cool (2-3 minutes), gently remove the crystallized granules by pulling the wick out – how clever is that? Add more granules if needed until 2/3 of the vase is full, insert a new wick and …. Your brand new candle is ready!

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN (and adults who act like them) and PETS. Never leave burning candle unattended, on or near flammable items. Do not move candle while burning or when it is hot. Our candle will self-extinguish on tipping (please do not test that, we have done that for you). The granules look so cool and yummy; however, do not consume or use granules in any other way than instructed. MOST IMPORTANT, enjoy our super candles, because VOGUE stands for fashionable, popular, chic, and de jour! YES, we are all that and more!