Stunning Candlelight - Revolutionized!

New Generation Candles - Safe, Reusable, with Unlimited Design Choices

take your candlelight to a new level

Safe, vegan, petroleum-free, no residue or toxic fumes

Stunning candles delivered to your home in any size, any quantity.

Granules and wicks delivered monthly - never run out of candlelight!

Rent candles for your event. We will do all the work.

How Vogue Candles Work


Choose a suitable vase (at least 3" in diameter)

fill vase with granules (2/3 of the vase hight)

Insert wick in the center of your vase

Light the wick and enjoy your candle

100% Plant Based

Our "fairy dust" is pure magic! Unlike paraffin wax candles that are known for their toxic fumes, our granules are plant based, petroleum-free, and residue-free! They make stunning candlelight safe for your home, and loved ones. 


Unlimited Design options

Our granules, shaped like tiny pearls, can be poured in any shape and size vases. Cylinder, square, sphere shapes in various sizes up to 31" in hight. Create new candle design daily - take your home decor to a new level! 

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Candle Rental Services

Celebrate your special occasion with stunning candlelight! Enjoy your event - we will do all the work for you: delivery, white-glove installation, and pick up! Just let us know where and when - candlelight magic delivered! 

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Need Help?

Not sure what is the best selection for your candlelight decor? Creating the best candlelight ambiance - thats what we do best! We offer complimentary design consultation - call now!

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create emotional decor with stunning candlelight

Custom Candlelight Design is possible with Vogue Candles unique technology! No limitations in design, sizes, and quantities! Choose any size candle from 4" to an amazing 47" in hight! Wedding aisle, table setting, welcoming entry or drive waytake your candlelight decor to a new level! 

Stunning Images of our breathtaking candles will make your pictures and videos a  showstopper for many years to come! Envision your special moment with 200, 300, 400 stunning candles - we mastered emotional decor that make you and your guests go WOW!  

Why Us?

Vogue Candles transforms candles decor to an exquisite experience of breathtaking lightscape ambiance.
Our amazing “new every time” candles are reusable, burn clean, and are completely safe for you, your family, and the world around you.
These are the healthiest candles in the world!
Use as part of your Elegant Lifestyle – Available in beautiful, stylish glass cylinders, leaving no messy wax residue.
New Every Time - Gone are the days of throwing away a half-used candle. After each use of a Vogue Candle, simply refill granules, replace and light the wick – a brand-new candle is ready for your long lasting enjoyment!  Even better, each 2 ½” wick will provide up to 14 hours of burn time.
Healthy - Most candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax, a leading cause of indoor air pollution. Paraffin is petroleum-based, which creates highly toxic fumes and residue. Vogue candle granules are plant-based, the flame is residue-free, and completely safe for you, your family, and the environment.
Safe - Our unique technology insures that safety of your home, and your family is always a priority! Our candles will self-extinguish on tipping! No messy wax, your linens and furniture is safe with Vogue Candles! 
Customizable – Ask us about the custom glass designs we have available.
Personalize your candles! Create unique gifts for your guests, family, friends, and your business!  Hand-engraved names and date - ideal wedding gift! We can even apply your corporate logo via a special “applique” method - perfect corporate gift! Each candle comes with Vogue Candles granules and wicks for long lasting memorable experience! 

MOST IMPORTANT, enjoy our super candles, because “VOGUE” stands for fashionable, popular, chic, and de jour! YES, we are all that and more!