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Candle Rentals

Our Candle Rental Service will create a stunning candlelight ambiance and perfect visual compliment to your special event.

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Custom Designs

Our event designers will provide the perfect solution for your venue using candles in various sizes from 4” to 47” in height. 

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Vogue Candles Kit
Vogue Candles Kit
Vogue Candles Kit
Vogue Candles Kit
Vogue Candles Kit

Vogue Candles Kit

Order now to experience your own amazing VOGUE CANDLE. 

New Generation Granulated Candles - Innovative technology meets timeless elegance.

    • Create your own candles with our granules
    • 1 Vogue candle burn 5 x longer than traditional candles
    • No messy melted wax
    • Sustainable and hypo allergenic 
    • Plant-based, petroleum-free, burns clean
    • Reusable wicks - brand new candle every time

Wicks are made from high-quality all-natural organic cotton. Super compact weaving ensures a long-lasting and even burn throughout.

Vogue Candles Kit

  1. 5 oz Premium hand-blown tempered glass
  2. 1 pound Vogue Candles Granules 
  3. 10 wicks 3" each (up to 10 hours of burn per wick)

   Holiday Special

Order set of 4 Candles Kits and Get FREE Shipping