Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection
Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection

    Vogue Candles Iconic Tabletop Collection


      Elevate the ambiance of your commercial space with Vogue Candles' Granules, designed with events, retail stores, and restaurants specifically in mind. These versatile loose granules offer a customizable and visually stunning solution to enhance the atmosphere of any commercial setting. Experience the luxurious and captivating allure of reusable real flame candles, infused with your unique design aesthetic. Let us show you how Vogue Candles' Granules can be seamlessly incorporated into your commercial space, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and guests.

      Includes EVERYTHING:

      • 120 hand-blown Glass Vases

      • 24 vases of each size: 5"D x 6"H, 8", 10" 12", 14"

      • Vases filled with Vogue Candles' Granules (3/4 of the Vase)

      • Custom made-to-fit boxes (super durable) 

      • Additional 220 lbs. of granules for refills

      • 2,000 Wicks

      • One-hour video consultation with Vogue Candles CEO, Mahan London (luxury Candle Design Expert to celebrities)

                  FREE SHIPPING UNTIL JULY 31!

                  TOTAL PRICE = ONLY $11,000 ($20,000 value)

                  Key Features:

                  • Customizable Design: (One-hour 1-on-1 with Mahan London to design your space with you). Vogue Candles’ Granules give you the freedom to design candles that perfectly align with your commercial space's unique style and branding. Create a visually captivating experience that captures the essence of your event, retail store, or restaurant. With up to 1,400 hours of candle burning time that this package provides you with, you'll be able to always have stunning, real flame ambiance, including the appeal of a new candle every time.

                    Versatile Applications:

                      • Events: Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate gathering, or dinner party, Vogue Candles' Granules add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event. Design unique candle-lit centerpieces, tablescapes, or ambient lighting arrangements that create a memorable and enchanting atmosphere.
                      • Retail Stores: Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by incorporating Vogue Candles' Granules into your store design. Create captivating displays, window arrangements, or scent zones that entice and engage shoppers, making them feel welcome and inspired.
                      • Restaurants: Transform your restaurant into a warm and inviting space with Vogue Candle Granules. Craft ambient lighting for intimate dining areas, highlight key features like bar counters or dessert stations or create a romantic atmosphere for special occasions. The alluring flicker of the flame coupled with the elegant vessel of your choice, will elevate the dining experience for your guests.
                    • Safe and Hassle-Free: Vogue Candles' Granules offer the beauty of real flame candles without the worries associated with traditional wax candles, such as melting wax, and tipping which may start a fire (Vogue Candles have been tested for tipping, which they are self-extinguishing), and the beauty just simply isn't there in comparison to any other candle, especially reusable candles. They are clean-burning, smoke-free, and do not require constant monitoring. Enjoy the ambiance and tranquility without compromising safety or convenience.
                    • Branding Opportunities: Enhance your commercial space's branding with Vogue Candles' Granules. Easily incorporate custom elements such as logo-branded vessels or scents with essential aromatic oils. Showcase your unique identity and create a memorable impression on your customers.
                    • Long-Lasting Appeal: Vogue Candles' Granules provide a long burn time (up to 14 hours per wick, ensuring that the captivating ambiance lasts throughout your commercial events or operating hours. The high-quality granules and wicks offer a consistent and even burn, providing a reliable source of enchanting light and fragrance (if you choose to apply essential oils at the bottom of the wicks on the granules).
                    • Expert Support: Our team at Vogue Candles is committed to your success. We provide dedicated support to help you select the perfect granules, design your candle arrangements, and offer guidance on creating the desired atmosphere for your commercial space. Let us partner with you to achieve the desired visual impact and ambiance.

                    Elevate your commercial space to new heights of sophistication and enchantment with Vogue Candles’ Granules. Create memorable experiences, leave a lasting impression on your customers and guests, and showcase your unique brand identity. Experience the beauty and allure of real flame candles, tailored to your commercial needs. With Vogue Candles’ Granules, your commercial space will radiate with refined elegance and captivate the senses of all who enter.

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