Be different  -  Your event is special and you deserve the best! Your guests will be WOWed by stunning look of VogueCandles. Whether you choose 50 or 500 VogueCandles it will be the talk of the party!

Size Matters -  VogueCandles very in size from 6” to 47” tall!  A breathtaking row of 100, 200 or 300 candles up to 47’ tall will leave your guests …. speechless.

Unique design - Our innovative granules give unlimited options for design. They can be used in various shape and size glass vases, plus multiple wicks can be used in a single vase.

Allergy-free - VogueCandles care about you and your environment. Our candles are 100% vegan. They do not generate smoke which means that you and your guests can enjoy your event residue-free.

Eco-friendly  -  VogueCandles are plant-base and re-usable (what??).  Yes, VogueCandles have minimal waste because the granules can be reused. When the candle is blown out simply remove the wick with a small amount of crystallized granules around the wick, then add granules to the vase if necessary, replace the wick - and a new candle is ready!

New Fresh Look  - Every VogueCandle has a brand new stunning look with every flame!