- Reusable - new candle every time
- 100% plant based
- Petroleum free 
- Hypo allergenic

How long would refills last?

Complimentary refills will last you up to 20 days with 4 hours of burn time daily.


How Vogue Candles are different from regular paraffin wax candles?

  1. Vogue Candles offer completely different way to enjoy your candlelight:
    - granules give you the creative freedom to build your candle with unlimited design and size choices. Just change the vase - new candle is ready!
  2. Vogue Candles provide clean burn without residue. No dripping wax like regular candles - keep your furniture and linens clean.
  3. Safety. Our unique candlelight technology will self-extinguish on tipping.
  4. Wow your guests with amazing ambiance and unlimited design choice of VogueCandles stunning candlelight.
  5. No purchase necessary - rent our candles for the weekend or a full season.

How to make Vogue Candle?
Package includes everything you need to assemble your candle. It’s is easy 3 steps:

1. Fill glass vase with granules up to 2/3 of the vase height. Please make sure the granules are leveled (carefully shake the vase till the granules are all one level).

2. Insert one wick vertically right in the center of the the granules, leaving 1/4” tip of the wick out.

3. Light the tip of the wick and enjoy your candle!


Use multiple wicks.
Minimum of 6” in diameter is required to use multiple wicks in one candle.
6” diameter - 2 wicks
8” diameter and more - 3 or 4 wicks can be used
(Please see our instrumentals for details)


How does reusable technology work?

When you are ready to replace the wick, please use our candle snuffer to put the flame out or gently blow out the flame. Please allow the candle to completely cool off (around 10 minutes). The candle MUST BE completely cool before you move to the next step. The granules will crystallize (how cool is that?!) and attach to the wick. All you need to do - gently pull up the wick and remove the leftover. Pour more granules if needed until 2/3 of the vase is full,, insert a new wick, and WOW! your brand new Vogue Candle is ready for your enjoyment!

The wick will burn up to 14 hours. If you need to stop the flame earlier, just carefully blow out the flame. If the wick is burnt all the way, it will simply go out by itself.